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Customized packages are created to meet the needs of each patient. Treatment is cumulative. Each session builds as balance is achieved and progress is made. Lasting change only happens when big changes are made. Patients who implement diet, nutrition, and lifestyle changes designed to support the work we do together in the office often experience the greatest success. 


Insurance billing is available.

What to expect at your first acupuncture visit:  

We want your first visit at Golden Way Clinic to be a truly refreshing healing experience.  Your first visit will take about 90 minutes and includes a comprehensive history and exam.  We will explain your diagnosis, treatment plan, and expected outcomes to you.  The first visit also includes an acupuncture treatment and herbal medicine or Tui-Na may be prescribed for you.  In addition, outside referrals, lab work, or special studies may be arranged at this time.


Follow-up acupuncture treatments take approximately 60 minutes.  During the follow-up treatment, your response to treatment will be monitored and other issues addressed as we continue to work on your main problem.


Your progress will be recorded and evaluated regularly.  For most conditions, a typical course of treatment is twelve treatments.

We expect a rapid reduction in pain and improvement of your symptoms.  Acupuncture’s pain reduction is slower than medication but it is free of side effects and the positive effects build over time.  Your first visit will include a thorough review of your medical history, physical exam, diagnosis and acupuncture treatment.

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Michelle Supelana-Mix

Ashland, OR 

"My experience with acupuncture has been nothing but short of miraculous. I was a massage therapist for 20 years, but I have never had acupuncture. I came to Nhimsa with over a year worth of back pain and she has been helping me work through the layers of muscular, energetic, and emotional congestion. My pain level has gone from a 10+ to a 2/3, and even days in a row PAIN FREE. Her professional, gentle and affirming style does wonders for my stress levels as well." 
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